The ROR develops projects of an interdisciplinary nature, with the peculiarity that the ontological dimension is considered precisely as the key element that can allow for an authentic dialogue. In fact, the experience is common (for example when we speak of a language that is not our own) of how the common gaze fixed on a concrete reality allows us to overcome linguistic differences or the poverty of words. The next projects with the purpose of carrying out this this program are:

  • Expert Meeting 2016: based on the positive experience of the last year, in the next month of November (24th and 25th) a meeting will also take place between experts dedicated, this time, to the theme of the relationship between man and woman observed contemporaneously from the sociological perspective, especially as regards the research inspired by the thought of Pierpaolo Donati, and from that of relational ontology.
  • Re-thinking Ontology with Luther: On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a meeting will take place in Rome that is characterized by an ontological reading of the doctrine of Lutheran grace between theologians inspired by the Finnish school of theology and Catholic theologians who are sensitive the perspective of relational ontology. Hopefully it will help develop thinking that can prove effective even for ecumenical dialogue.